ThinkUp app by Precise Wellness LLC

Avrinder G. is a fourth-year undergraduate at Kwantlen Polytechnic University in British Columbia.


Overall rating: 2 out of 5 starsWith the ThinkUp app, you can record voice clips of powerful motivators to keep yourself in a positive mindset. The app, based in positivity and the philosophy of finding your inner peace, solves the problem of a negative psychological attitude by allowing you to record your own positive affirmations, which get played back to you at frequent intervals. These affirmations are combined with instrumental music to generate a positive auditory experience.

Honestly, the app was not my cup of tea. I tried recording three different affirmations, but because I only had the free trial, I couldn’t manipulate the music and how loud the affirmations were played back to me. Also, it made me become more aware of my voice and made me self-conscious of how it sounded, so much so that I couldn’t focus on the positive aspects or even the purpose behind the app.

I don’t really like to hear my own voice telling me how good I am or how I’m going to get things done because I feel like I’m just telling myself a lie or not fully believing myself when I hear those replays. I do talk to and encourage myself to get tasks done—just not at the level the app does.

I did like that the app gives you a list of many types of affirmations, but the free version doesn’t let you do a trial run of adjusting your replays to the music, and you can only record up to five affirmations. I also wasn’t a fan of the fact that you couldn’t do previews of the background music provided.

This app would probably be great for someone who needs self-motivation and is fine with hearing it from themselves—it just wasn’t for me!

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